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Pros and Cons of Being an Investment Banker

Pro: Buttloads of money.

Con: No time to spend it.

Pro: It’s extremely challenging.

Con: It’s fucking hard.

Pro: Expense account.

Con: Accounting doesn’t accept receipts tossed in a brown paper bag.

Pro: You always have the newest tech toys.

Con: You actually have to use them.

Pro: Opportunities to invest in creative start-ups.

Con: Most of them are run by “creative” fuck-ups.

Pro: You have a nicer place than any of the other English majors.

Con: None of them come to see it, because they all think you’re a sellout.

Pro: Meeting lots of hot women.

Con Pro: No time for relationships, only furtive sex.

- Tanner Fitzgerald

Photo by Ed Yourdon (Creative Commons)

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