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Ten Things I Think My Boyfriend Might Have Been Trying To Tell Me By Slipping a Tube of Lube Into My Nightstand Drawer

• He was awkwardly hinting that he wanted to try butt sex.

• He thought we were at the point in the relationship where he can be lazy about foreplay.

• He was planning to introduce a sex toy, and he didn’t think it would be sexy to drop it on the bed along with the necessary tube of K-Y.

• He had it left over from his last relationship and wasn’t sure what to do with it.

• He wanted to use a slip-n-slide indoors.

• He was planning to give me a back rub, and he was out of lotion.

• He was planning to give himself a mohawk as a joke. (Or not as a joke.)

• He was planning to get me a pair of skin-tight leather pants.

• He read a book that told him to get some lube.

• He found my diary saying that I wished he would use lube.

- Lucy Coleman

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