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They sold the damn house!

The closer this Unreality House year comes to its conclusion, the stranger and more fucked-up the whole thing seems.

It got off to a crappy start when bad plumbing delayed our move-in by two months. I guess we were all supposed to get off to the races and start writing our opuses last November, but instead we fell into a cycle of hanging around and getting drunk/high/bored. That was basically okay by me, since I needed a break from real life anyway.

The four of us got along pretty well until I started dating Will, which upset Tate and made her quit the house. Then Will died and Tanner almost got put in prison and now everything’s just pretty well fucked. We write little Tumblr-bait posts every once in a while, but basically we’re just trying to kill time until we get out of this hell-hole. They say we can keep posting on the blog even after we move out, so that’ll give me something to do on the shitter.

And get this: no one’s replacing us. This guy came by today and asked if he could look around the place, because he’s the new owner! We called the UH people and they said yeah, they were going to tell us in their own way, but they’ve sold the house. Apparently this blog succeeded in one thing: it brought the house to the attention of an investor who’s been looking to start a resort. I don’t suppose they’ll be telling any of the guests about what’s gone on here this year, because who wants to come relax in a house where a guy drugged himself to death?

But there will still be Unreality House, I guess—it just won’t be a literal house. It’s going to have something to do with this kid who Tate’s been tutoring in Minneapolis. Good luck, kid. Stay alive.

- Lucy Coleman

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