Writing from Unreality House, a hyperfiction project created and edited by Jay Gabler.

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Missing Someone Is

a little pilot light slowly burning the back of your throat.

always feeling like you’ve just eaten something that might possibly make you throw up in two hours.

wearing wet socks.

walking around with that feeling you have immediately after you trip on the sidewalk and you don’t know whether anyone saw.

a slow-motion paper cut.

using your phone when there’s a very light rain coming down and you’re just trying to do your business but the screen keeps misting up and you wonder whether your phone is going to break because of it.

carrying around a backpack containing exactly one heavy book.

that three-beer moment of confused panic between the pleasant crisp of a buzz and the thick blanket of drunkenness.

a pencil sharpener that breaks the lead once every three or four times you use it.

always feeling a little bit like a ghost.

- Tate Morrissey

(Source: unrealityhouse.com)

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